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I am very happy to welcome everybody to our little story. I am Olga. I have been living with dogs since I was a baby. When I started working at 15 I bought my first pedigree dog.

In 1999 I started searching my first Russian Borzoi and I found it. In 2001 after researching a lot of literature and talking to many professionals I decided that the smallest dog in the world, Chihuahua is the most wonderful dog. This is how I started my breeding and exhibition activities. In 2007 my kennel was registered in RKF-FCI.

Russian Borzoi is a very unique dog. Although it needs open spaces this huge but elegant dog can fit into a small city apartment. It can walk with you miles through the woods and with the same enthusiasm can run under rain for ten minutes to do its toilet. The puppy when properly trained for walking up to one year will not require excessive walking afterwards.

Our Chihuahua is a great company. They are very easy to train if you want to teach them something. Do not forget how small and fragile our brave Chihuahua, they must be handled with care, fed properly and most important of all should be taken for a walk regularly.

From The Depth Of The Centuries In my breeding program I focus on the standard of good health and strong mentality of my dogs. We carry all the rich range of colors of Chihuahua such as tricolor, red, white, cream, rare lilac, chocolate, pale yellow, blue and different shades of stripes. We do not deal with merle (marble) color which is a disqualifying color.

From The Depth Of The Centuries All our dogs are raised on professional food, a lot of walking, and in summer they live on the countryside.

From The Depth Of The Centuries The most experienced veterinarians are ready to help the owners of my dogs in case it is necessary.

From The Depth Of The Centuries Also whoever needs can receive competent information and advice regarding how to grow and take care of dogs. My cell phone is on 24 hours. Please keep in mind that I am always ready to provide help on how to choose the right puppy and will advise on any issue regarding health, feeding and caring of them, as well as assisting on future growth.

From The Depth Of The Centuries All puppies regardless of their class and perspective, receive RKF documents which are later to be replaced by pedigree, veterinarian passport and two puppy vaccination, and they do not leave the nursery earlier than 2,5 months old. All the puppies are sold with warranty.

From The Depth Of The Centuries I am always ready to take the puppies back regardless of circumstances you part with your puppy. It is important for me that my dogs are in loving and caring hands.

From The Depth Of The Centuries Dogs from my Kennel are living all around the world: Russia, Germany, Belarus, USA, Denmark, Estonia, Turkey, UAE, etc.

Among the dogs of these breeds my kid is growing friendly and lively.

I hope you will like our dogs and you will be our guest again and again.

From The Depth Of The CenturiesFrom The Depth Of The Centuries

E-mail originaldog7@gmail.com
Tel. +7 495 493-54-84, +7 916 5560687



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